How to send a list of questions to your clients and not piss them off

Jun 25, 2015 →

Asking something of your audience/clients is a delicate business. You don't want to hassle them, or take away too much of their time. HETPALEIS came to us with the request to target a specific group of people and hold their interest long enough to get the information they wanted.


Click to read how we approached it.

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How to put your friends on ice and enjoy it

Jun 16, 2015 →

Last week we launched the FIYF campaign for drinking sensei Vedett. It's the perfect example of how we upgraded existing content and functionality to next level awesome-ness. More after the jump..

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Proudly releasing phase 2 of the Flanders Classics platform

Mar 10, 2014 →

After 3 years of intense collaboration with one of our biggest clients, we've been able to strengthen their digital growth, and support the platform with more websites, better tools and some innovative approaches to classic content. More after the jump!

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Lincoln, or How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Superbowl

Mar 28, 2013 →

Yeah so, the Super Bowl XLVII happened. This year we were, as little Belgians, fully aware of the massive scale of this bread and games thing across the pond, in the U S of A.


We thought we'd share a little of the/our experience, as it was interesting to say the least on many aspects. Read all about it, after the jump...

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Letting go of the old, embracing the new

Mar 21, 2013 →

When you realize, while developing software, that version numbers are moving away from each other, it is time to stop and rethink your goal.


Lalala is our Content Management System & driving engine. Built upon Ruby On Rails, we serve our clients a CMS that gives them the control they deserve, packed in traditional Mr. Henry style. Lalala is a steady rock, it gets the job done! Sites like cultuurplatform.be, flandersclassics.be, woestijnvis.be, demensen.be and many more, are steered by our polished gem.


The current Lalala is built upon Rails 2.3, and some of our features were impossible to upgrade out of the box to Rails 3. After analysing the upgrade possibilities, we thought it was a better idea to start from scratch. With the knowledge we gained over the years & lessons we learned from building for clients, we went back to the base.


That's when our journey to a new Lalala began!

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Gogaruco 2012

Oct 12, 2012 →

We love Ruby, and we love the internet, therefore we love Ruby On Rails. Even, our love is so great, that we would travel all around the world, just to show everyone our love. And if there is one place, that can be described as the epicentre of our love, it's San Francisco.

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D, the Sunshine Vitamin

May 30, 2012 →

The human body synthesises the D from your cholestorol, when the sun is shining at it's best. It is supposed to be good for your bones and general inner workings. Like many things, it's not really essential but one can feel "down" when not having enough D. The summer season awakens many things in us all.

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Internet Explorer debug on OSX

Jan 19, 2012 →

When you make websites for a living, you know the drill when it comes to debugging. Nowadays, all the modern browsers are supporting these awesome effects, that we sometimes forget that a big part of your visitors still sees the internet trough the eyes of Microsoft's wannabe modern browsers IE 7 & 8.


As every cool kid, we play with "the other thing", an Apple. No native IE support, so debugging means, a real pc or running virtual machines. Read our (dev)adventures after the jump.

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That's the way the cookie crumbles

Nov 21, 2011 →

November rain! In a emotional mood, one could say that life-lesson n°1 should be about letting stuff go. Some events one simply cannot control. Your cat throwing up on your favourite chair, rain when you expect sun or more tangible: day-to-day situations not going as you imagened: they just don't teach that in high school...

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The lesson "How to deal with procrastination" has been rescheduled to next Tuesday

Aug 04, 2011 →

Hey beautiful! Feel very welcome on our newest addition to the Google index, kablam!! You should like, totally, read this blogpost further, or be on your way exploring the portfolio. 

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Proudly releasing phase 1 of the Flanders Classics platform

Apr 27, 2011 →

It was a long time coming, about 5 months, but on January 26th, we quietly released our thoughts on a cycling website, that unifies the well-known cycle races that happen in our small country, the most famous of of them being de Ronde van Vlaanderen.

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Wabi Sabi, an interpretation...

Jul 15, 2010 →

Summertime, what a great time of year. Birds chirping, leaves twirling, soft breezes, ... For you who don't know about Wabi-Sabi, please do read up.

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Moving heaven and earth... uhr office

Mar 22, 2010 →

So yeah, how to start this one? Maybe chronological? Here goes! A few years ago, 3 and ¾ to be exact, we started our little shop of hopes and dreams in a house in Antwerp...

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When a man loves his moustache

Feb 10, 2010 →

Men. Manly men. Great, manly men throughout time and history have been carrying a suave persona under their nose. It is what defines them, men... manly men. 

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Shiver me timbers

May 07, 2009 →

We had a great time talking at ArrrrCamp last week. It’s a kinda technical mambo-jambo thing, but it was really nice! We talked about RESTfulX and flex. We went nitty-gritty and had a LIVE coding-session!! Up yours Murphy!

More info about our topic after the jump... (clique-clique!)

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We got published!

Apr 01, 2009 →
OH... MY... GOD!!! The website we’ve built for georgette has been featured in iCatching, a book about the best online shops of the moment. We feel very honoured to be in this book, along some other great websites / companies! The whole story after the jump...

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Black Part Love, the howto

Jan 14, 2009 →

Our love goes out to Selah Sue, the wonderful voice of Leuven! We did concept,  photography, design, ... on her first EP. She wanted a “kinda dark” feeling surrounding it. Buy it now you lovely people, also check her temporary one-pager!


One Love, bombaklah!

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Curated for the hungry!

Apr 10, 2017 →

Second year in a row, we're proud to help throw this big-ass party! Us By Night, just check the website :) An amazing line-up to enjoy with your buddies over a drink! #perfectnight

Zoals Meestal Ongepast

Apr 13, 2016 →

The newest release from the Henry stables, a smooth stacking website for ZMo Productions! Stack it at http://zoalsmeestalongepast.be

Koop op tegen kanker II

Feb 01, 2016 →

Once again, you can support the good cause. Buy chocolate, and eat your karma-points ‪#‎KoopOpTegenKanker‬



Retteketet Vedett!

Mar 12, 2015 →

Our work for Vedett got nominated for Awwwards, which is nice! If you vote, our moms will be super-proud! x


click here to cast your vote, we'd love you for it.


Koop op tegen kanker

Mar 10, 2015 →

Break out your wallet for the good cause ‪#‎KoopOpTegenKanker‬, a nice, quick, yellow-pink, live-updating, feel-good one-pager made for our friends at Woestijnvis <3



Relaunching Kurt Stallaert

Feb 25, 2015 →

Always a pleasure to work for Kurt. Check out his amazing body (of work). http://kurtstallaert.com


"Dank u voor die bloemen"

Jun 11, 2014 →

Oh wow, the project that we did for TDC, with the amazing Hugo & Marie and Collins, has won a prize apparently. They also made a very cool video about it. #awesome #AICPAward


Check it our here!

Updating an already freakin' awesome website

Jun 08, 2014 →

Together with Hugo&Marie and Collins, we launched an update for Collins1.com, where we added more layers of content. The simpleness of things was important to maintain, so the experience still is key. Enjoy! 

Hermanos Inglesos

Mar 14, 2014 →

For our Ssssspanish/English buddies, we've build a simple one-pager. They make music, and record it next to a brothel (we've been there! (the studio, not the brothel)). Click to shuffle! 

Coffeeklatch Consultancy

Mar 11, 2014 →

We launched the next part of the great Coffeeklatch story! More images, more focus, more retina! Bart & Magali are making it work.



Merry March

Mar 07, 2014 →

Wow, almost a year passed and we haven't updated the talk section! That's because we work more then we talk! More portfolio goodies are coming, and here's what we're currently working on: 


our LALALA system has achieved "awesome" status, making a lot of on- and offline stuff for our backpacky client Eastp❤k, developing some identities and looking for fresh blood! There's more, but this space is too small :)


eastpak FH13 artwork

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God save the King!

Jul 03, 2013 →

So our king stepped down today, and passed the torch to his firstborn. Using words like "king" and "firstborn" makes us think more of Game of Thrones then a small country in Europa, but hey who are we?


The promised update is coming, together with some nice, random photo's. We had a party a few weeks ago!


Take care, drive safe!

God save the Queen!

Jun 03, 2013 →

Today we've been touring the London Tube, for some new exciting opportunities! Be on the lookout for that soon. Also always a valid excuse to visit Londonian friends! Hi Rach, Andrew-meister! 

Now that June has begun, we're even more ashamed to not have update the work section... That's coming soon, a lot of stuff to add! 

the telex has arrived yo!

Mar 29, 2013 →

introducing telex — http://telex.io, your custom twitter feed solution (sharing is karma points)


The birth of a new baby

Mar 05, 2013 →

This week, we launched that platform we were talking about, behold; "Cultuurplatform Limburg". We'll include it in the work section asap, but we already wanted to share this responsive beauty with you guys!


Fabulous February

Feb 28, 2013 →

Oh my effin god, is it February already?! Time sure flies when you're fun having busy. A quick recap of the purification-month you say? Ok go; working on a LOT of Flanders Classics stuff, one of the things is a mini website where you subscribe to ride the centurial (is that a word?) version of De Ronde, we put a major Lincoln update online, (officially) launching a Cultural Platform in a few days and have the company of a Swedish Royalty, called Fanny. All in all, busy busy fun fun!


ps: check out our FB-page for some weekly reports of how we roll..

pps: more work about to hit work section soon! x

Microsoft offers free cross OS testing tools

Feb 04, 2013 →

Last year we wrote how difficult it is to cross browser test your site if you're on a non-Windows system. As from last week, Microsoft gears up the webdevelopment support by offering free cross OS virtual machines. Get them here!

jQuery Custom Checkbox

Design your checkboxes with your own CSS flavour.

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jQuery Tweets

The main idea behind this plugin was a simple & flexible way to show tweets on your website.

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four score and a few months ago

Oct 31, 2012 →

rejoice, for our awesome team is already at least 4 years in love with each other! Thank you Inge, Simon and Yves for everythink x

Four score and years ago

♫ tuh tuuh du tuuuh ♫ tuh tuuh tuh ♪

Sep 27, 2012 →

We have a new friend playing with us. Who is it? Check back in a few for balloon explosions! whooooohh x - 


fran sancisco

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august so far...

Aug 17, 2012 →

Summer, a traditional slow couple of months, which everybody uses to take five and relax some. Well that's about 50% true for us this year. We've been working our buns of steel off, to prepare a lot of September projects. Just so you know, we're finishing up the new LIBD website, a spanking hot Jaegher website, been working with our BFF Hugo & Marie on another big ginormous project and then some!!


Also, we've been on the lookout for a new best friend, and we have found him/her (check back in September for details). We are really looking forward.

jQuery image loader

Load images asynchronously with ease. This plugin seeks for all images with data-src attributes inside a wrapper or run the plugin on an image tag itself.

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Jun 14, 2012 →

Our dev boys men will be attending the gogaruco event this fall. Located in sexy San Franciso, this event is worth its while. We'll get schooled by the Rambo's of Ruby, and thus gaining more knowledge. A nice bonus is the trip of course, that's an experience on its own, for us little Belgians :) Expect some pictures when they're back!


All good things come in pair

Jun 12, 2012 →

We had quite the month! A bunch of work released, summer finally arriving (a little bit though), on the look-out for a new friend and the nice people at Creative Network did an impression with us, like a mini-interview. Read it if you have 5 minutes left. Another thing you can read, is our June-letter.


Also a small new thing, we'll be adding code-snippets every now and then, you must check back if you're a savvy developer. Usefull stuff only, pinky-swear! Bye bye now x

jQuery Linkselect

We've created a jQuery plugin which transforms your site navigation (or any other block with links) into a select box, so your mobile visitors can navigate with ease.

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A summersong for you

Jun 01, 2012 →

yes, this is a grrrr-eat song! a bit of lion king, mixed with something you think sounds familiar... awesome stuff, awesome!


The Smartest Human In The World

Mar 12, 2012 →

We puzzled together this onepage subscription form for a populair quiz in la Belgique. You think you can outsmart your milkman? Subscribe then, quickly! Love for soundeffects!


Bunnies ahoy!

Mar 09, 2012 →

We went down nitty gritty with some playboy bunnies last night. Now who said we don't love animals?



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Get your mobile app on!

Feb 21, 2012 →

Our lovely client Flanders Classics just had their app done. We made a little responsive page to help the lost cyclerati, find there way to this little live gem. 


Extra points for letting your friends know!


Dec 07, 2011 →

Errrr piep kreeeeep krang *tonk* STATUS eeerrrr UPDATE piiiiiieeeep ***** launched the mobile version for Gabriel Rios and created new artwork *** pieeeoooh piioooehhh *** addressbook updated with multiple interesting people *** bzzzzz krrrrr tink tink tonk #--##--# nearing completion for many projects :: krrruuuuuuhhhpp -- planning the henry party to close 2011 ---- /* end of transmission */ 

T zen koeien

Sep 27, 2011 →

We are just back from our little trip to Poland! It was great fun, saw some interesting tech-talks, and had a wild night in Warshaw. For the big brothers among us, here are some pictures.




Time for coffee!

Sep 09, 2011 →

Today we had the pleasure of releasing a small project, but big in heart. Your local (dutch articles only for now) online reading just got better.


We give you Coffeeklatch! Hurrah!

Reviewing the past few weeks

Aug 30, 2011 →

The past few weeks, we have had some amazing things happening. Among others, we've been asked to make the new website for Woestijnvis. Yes, if you're Belgian/Flemish, you know that's pretty darn awesome! Them asking us, was a direct result of our previous work done for them, the Flanders Classics website(s). 


Already working hard on finding something juuuuust right for them.

Stay tuned...



Aug 21, 2011 →

Oh joy, we, or at least this site, have been selected as sotd over at the awwwards. Coolio! We're also going to be featured in a book, coming out 2012!


The general response to the new website was overwhelming for us. Glad to see so many people are liking what we do.


Thank you internetz!!

Derny after tour criteria

Aug 04, 2011 →

Yesterday the annual Derny was held right in front of our office doors. Great fun as always. Sun, people, a few beers and a race in front of you. Good times. (Andy Schleck won)


we love you long time

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♫ It's summer, summer summertime ♪

Jun 28, 2011 →

We bought a really nice book today, so that's nice. Mr. Yves and Mr. Hans both gained a little bit of wisdom, they birthday-ed!! If you want to improve your swing, lower your handicap or just never hit that bunker again, you should visit FG Academy. ♪♫ Summertime ♫


And finally: Hans adopted a cat for 1 year, while a friend of him is far, far away. Thanks for reading our talk page so far, we hope you're enjoying it!


Releasing some work

Jun 16, 2011 →

Hi everybody, a quickie to share some of our most recent releases the past couple of months. Give it up for Alexandra Verschueren, all new Carlsberg, fancy knitting by MUS and a website for 'De Mannen'. Ooh, and let's not forget about Nessa! Yes, we have been busy...


Click it, don't lick it!

Baby boo!

Jun 07, 2011 →

Congrats to our Bram, far turning father today! He has a beautiful baby girl! 

The new kid on our block

May 16, 2011 →

Today, we say 'Hello Steven', to the latest addition to our team, Steven! He will be working on our frontend work, and architectural foundations. Booyah!


On a professional note, we released the dutch version of Creative Network last week. Subscribe!

Rest In Peace Wouter Weylandt

May 09, 2011 →

Today is a sad day in cycling history. Belgian top cyclist Wouter Weylandt died after a crash during a downhill in the third stage of the Giro d'Italia. We want to express our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Wouter.

The month of May

May 02, 2011 →

Inside our little studio a lot is happening this month. We are creating identities for multiple new clients, and hope to show them soon. We also recorded a small hip-hop video this weekend, we are just in the process of checking off with Sofia Coppola on the general feeling.


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Puzzle Bobble in the house

Dec 06, 2010 →

We are completely addicted to this!!


We put the Go in Global

Oct 27, 2010 →

We like the sea. We also like going over/under it. Our most recent journey brought us some new friends. Mr. Henry had the pleasure of working for the super-, mega-, ultranice people of Hi-ReS! London.


A message from the semi-dead

Oct 05, 2010 →

Dead is referring to our lack of updates, semi is to show that we are actually working really hard! Ok, in a few lines we'd like to give the latest: we made an online shopping walhalla for all the fashionistas out there called: David Szeto. For your bijoux and other gems, you'z need'z to be'z chez La Petite Curieuse. Gabriel Rios is returning, with a vengeance and we also made some artwork for a french cover band!


We summarised (or tried to) this all in a small letter...

Henry on the beach

Aug 10, 2010 →

The fine folks of FOTB have accepted us as speakers during the Elevator Pitch! The whole team is stoked about this fantastic news. Tomorrow our personal trainer starts, to get in the shape of our life.

Must... eat... cookies

Jul 09, 2010 →

We are blessed here at the office! One must absorb his weekly amount of cookies, doctor’s order, and we have someone special to help us with that! We’ve been getting cakes and cookies on such a regular bases, that we just needed to show our love! Just look at the little knight on his Speculaas Horse!


Thanks for all the crunchy cookies and amazing cake Elien!


ps: if anyone else wants to send us food, please do!!


operation SSD

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Bye Bye Swedes!

Jul 01, 2010 →

Oooh so sad, but today was the last one in the 6 month period of Fred & Adrian. Both the nicest people/interns you'll every run into. 


A little tech joke macabre

May 31, 2010 →

A big hoo-ha this week worldwide → rm -rf /bin/laden

Sweet sixteen

Dec 01, 2009 →

We were approached by Astrid Anquetil (low impact girl) and her mommy concerning her 2 year lasting quest for low impact-ness. We fully support the idea of showing people alternative ways of being low impact, instead of taking cold showers with a bucket of water in 'putteke winter'.


Read up on her blog, follow her during her voyage. 

Tomato Ketchup and Quality Control

Aug 04, 2009 →

We are currently working on a project for Heinz to help them improve the tedious process of quality control. More specifically, we are handing the employees some tools to have a better way of monitoring their tasks. One tiny mistake can lead to the loss of enormous quantities of their well known tomato ketchup. Mr. Henry to the rescue!


Bye bye Gilles!

Jun 05, 2009 →

We have interns from time to time. Gilles was one of them. He was with us for 3 months, all the way from the Netherlands. We'll miss you, you crazy-eating-habits guy you! We gave him his own weight (70kg!) in andalouse as a farewell present! 


Cette site est Cette

Mar 11, 2009 →

Today we saw a project come online which we designed. Development was done by their internal IT people. Ready, Cette, Go!


selah sue

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