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RESTfulX is a wonderful framework for Flex/Air which allows you to communicate with RESTful backends like RailsCouchDB and many others. The framework is somewhat modeled after Rails as it uses ActiveRecord like model objects. It also separates the MVC layers very nicely.


From the backend’s perspective (we use Rails) you just send some (f)XML or JSON in response to the CRUD actions (including #index and #show) just like you would with any RESTful controller. Most of the time the standard controller scaffolds will do just fine.

we arrrr mrhenry


Let us take this opportunity to list some factoids about pirates and their traditions ( great fun! )

  • the flag aboard a ship is called ‘Jolly Roger’. It comes in all kinds of different colors and figures, but the most famous one is ofcourse ( thank you Johnny Depp ) skull & bones, on a black background. That being very scary, sea merchants were happy if the flag wasn’t red, because that meant the pirates wouldn’t show any mercy… That’s also probably where the word ‘Jolly Roger’ came from. From the french ‘Jolie Rouge’ or ‘Pretty Red’… More
  • the ship of a pirate could be about everything, the most important thing was that she ( yea, it’s a she ) would be able to move swiftly and precise, and attack quick. Now, they don’t just build a pirate-boat and pirates sure as hell won’t buy a boat. So in those days, the most common thing was to steal one. This could be anything that floats, they would add features. Think of pirates like the first tuning-people ( hold the spoilers, neon-light and spinners… hello cannons, extra sails etc… )

Here some more slides from the presentation

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This article was written on May 07, 2009. It shows the few slides we had at our little tech talk, and the topics we addressed.


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