Wabi Sabi, an interpretation...

It's a time where one should take the time (if not the whole year) to go out and meet all your friends and family all over again. Talk about nothing, talk about future plans, exciting new relationships, adventures or problems. Talk about music, life, food, performances. Tell each other really bad jokes, and laugh with them just before you go to sleep. Learn to cook, learn to shoot with bow and arrow, learn to learn. Do something really, really stupid. Travel, see the world, see the people living on this world. Go out and have fun. Have fun in what you do, every day, with people you can talk with, about life, about the summertime...

wabi sabi - friendswabi sabi - friends

On a more professional note: we are working/finishing a lot of different projects, which will be released over the next couple of months. Expect update soon, you must.

wabi sabi - barbecue

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This article was written on Jul 15, 2010 (the sun was shining outside... hard!). It describes that little feeling inside your stomach when you fall in love, or when you're just bloody enthusiastic about something.


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