Proudly releasing phase 1 of the Flanders Classics platform

Flanders Classics logoFlanders Classics is a newly founded company, whose prime focus is to act as co-ordinator for the cycling races in Flanders. In it's second year (that was last year), they needed a solid online presence. 


Enter the Henry!


When we received the go-ahead on this large project, we sat down and plannend it all out! The sites, yes multitude, had to be ready by January 26th. The main concern was finding the common denominator for all races. Each had it's own little details and, after all, it's the type of business where people are involved.

The initial phase

There were a lot of ideas circling around that could apply to this project. But we had to be realistic and sure that on d-day the site was ready for use! The initial phase meant getting a solid website online, ready for heavy traffic and bathing in the Flanders Classics branding. Also, a major content overhaul was performed, transferring all excisting content from 6 different websites.


The cycling season spans a period of 4 months, January to April, and during this time everything is really hectic.


We built the entire network of websites (in January 2012, there'll be 13 websites!) on our own backend system, Lalala. It already earned its keep through previous work for all our clients. With this project we stepped up to the plate even more, and provided a really flexible system, ready for the many updates awaiting. Done in Rails, ofcourse.

Enough already!

Just click trough to the work section, to see the final result!


And here ↓ some funny images we wanted to use somewhere, but never did!


This article was written on Apr 27, 2011 (the sun was shining in medium force). It roughly describes the process we have gone through whilst building and analyzing this site and keeping multiple parties happy.


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