The lesson "How to deal with procrastination" has been rescheduled to next Tuesday

Pretty amazing moment for us here at the office. You know that one thing you keep pushing ahead of you, because there is client work laying around? Well, we sure did! No more! Please behold, in all its simplicity: the new and improved Mr. Henry website.

Why now?

Why now? Well, actually we have been working on this a bit here and there for a super long time, but decided we should run in 3th gear a few days and finish it, Mortal Kombat style!


We have put the focus on the (evergrowing) body of work. During this almost 5 year period, we have seen our share of good and bad out there. Blessed with meeting amazing people and at the same time taking the sour yoghurt with it. Some people call that growing up. 

What's new pussycat?

Well thank you, Frank, for asking. As said, a lot of work, big images to go with that and more then ever open for dialogue. Since the first version of the website, we have moved into a new office, had people come and go, fell in love and (on a techie note) are seriously commited to Rails

Enough already!!

Aaah boring, boring!! :) We could talk type forever, but just take a looksie around, and please note that we are still working on some area's of the website. We decided to just put our precious online, and let it grow naturally. 


And why please, do tell you friends!


loads of love, henry x


ps: we have succesfully used the words "Mortal Kombat" and "yoghurt" in a blogpost. As far as we're concerned, that's pretty awesome!

Mortal Yoghurt

This article was written on Aug 04, 2011 (the humidity in the air is killing us). It is the introduction post, the one who stands on the front- visitor line. Like agent Kay in the classic MIB II, who welcomes Zarthan Queen Laurana.


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