That's the way the cookie crumbles

We have a wide variety of news to offer today. Let spill it, western style.

The Good 

Honoured are we to be working with the amazing Hugo & Marie on some exciting projects! We can't tell you the whole story yet, but mothers, lock up your daughters hold on to your mouse in a few months!


Also, we have sailed some more over the canal, towards London, to build a friendship and business-thing with Moth & Rust. With them, we are building the new website for international renowned, located in the Big Apple, Lieber Institute of Brain Development. 


In both situations, Mr. Henry was asked to help build the most ideal solution possible. Of course, check out the work section, for a bunch of recent work. We are excited to show you our progress.


Ünd finally, so nice to have an extra pair of hands among our wolf-pack. Steven is a super nice guy, with mad skill yo.

The Bad

Long life amigo and partner Bram has looked up new horizons. We wish him the best of luck on his road towards adventure. Giddy-up! Contact him for a mean peanut-butter sauce!

The Ugly

Not really ugly news, but... you know... need that third title. Bowed under deadlines, we're already seeing that we don't update as much as we would like to. We promise to do better! 


This article was written on Nov 21, 2011 (icecold outside, with a bright sunshine). It tells the tale of daily ramblings, human behaviour and more.


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