D, the Sunshine Vitamin

The sames goes for flowers. They grow with the help of the sun. The energy coming out of that thing is sheer amazing. A few weeks ago, we wanted to brighten up our little courtyard, so the construction of our own planters became an idea. Taking some leftover wood (from what used to be one of our desks), we filled some lost spaces outside. 


They're your run-of-the-mill simple planters, but we sure do like 'm. We've planted a bunch of different stuff, hoping to attract some butterflies or bees to keep us company. At the moment, everything is still in growth-fase. Expect some updates here and there, we just wanted to share this with you, our viewer. (all iPhone shots)


working out(side)

working out(side)

This article was written on May 30, 2012 (the summer sun outside, generating a nice 35°C with smooth breezes). It describes working outside of work that contribute to the making-cool-stuff-and-loving-it feeling


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