How to put your friends on ice and enjoy it

The latest addition to our client base is uber beer Vedett. Besides making their website, we've also created a rather awesome way of uploading and purchasing... labels.

Like taking candy from a baby

Through a few simple steps, followed by a seamless Stripe integration, you can order labels for your loved one at home. Upload the sexy bikini shot or that tearjerking moment at graduation. A dedicated backend has been set up to follow up on each order. If a payment fails, this is also indicated. Fully automagically, every evening, orders are being transferred to the Vedett HQ, where the labels get printed and sent to the user. The printer sends a specific signal back to our backend, so we can send out an e-mail alerting the user of his/hers impending happiness.


The summer 2015 campaign "Friends in your fridge" fits right in. On Duvel Moortgat's request, we've updated the original format with a voucher code. Now a self distributing system hands out discount codes, for you to get free labels!

What what whaaat? 

We advised on payment threshold importance, UI, tone of voice, suggested and added non-requested features, opened up functionality towards third party developers via custom API, ...



  • e-commerce
  • brand awareness
  • fun with fans
  • campaign ready


Some MacGuyver details

For the adventurous among us, here are some bullet points to impress: 

  • we use a BASE64 image throughout the entire customisation process 
  • cross device king; support for mobile, tablets and "vintage" browsers!
  • API based upload
  • Stripe integraded payment checkout
  • automatic setup that connects  third party printing service by schedulers
  • SALT encrypted discount-vouchers
  • ...


Want more details? Be sure to ask us!


This article was written on Jun 16, 2015 (Sunny side up!). This post goes a little bit into detail about the layers of the vedett.com project


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