Fulltime developer with focus on style

Become a fulltime developer with focus on style at Mr. Henry.

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We are looking for a fulltime developer to join our team.

Who we are

Mr. Henry is an agency with a small team of passionate experts. We’re a mix of developers and designers working on online and offline projects.

We work on design, strategy and web development. For many projects we do the full package, from branding to print and web deliverables.

We foster long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients. We work closely together across teams and disciplines. Always trying to improve our work, and learn from each other.

We’re based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Who you are

Your strength is bringing designs to life with HTML and CSS. You will be working in a team and you will have to opportunity to learn and grow. We do not expect you to have mastered every aspect we value but we do expect some expertise in key areas.

Please let us know your strengths and weaknesses, we’re looking for a good fit, not a perfect match.

Do not hesitate to apply if you’re not sure you meet all the requirements. We are open to all candidates and will consider all applications.

You’re able to work regularly on location in our Antwerp office. You are fluent in English & Dutch, both speaking and writing.

Maybe your focus is more on building functional features and the CMS setup? Checkout our other fulltime developer position.

Technical skills

  • You’re fluent in HTML and CSS
  • You have experience with accessibility and are familiar with WCAG
  • You have some experience with WordPress (or PHP)
  • You have some experience with JavaScript (not that important)

Technical skills (bonus)

  • You have experience with handlebars-like templates (we use Twig)
  • You know how a page is rendered, how scripts initiate and how styles are applied at a fundamental level
  • You can create new interactive components that are fully accessible using WCAG examples as a guide
  • You can write highly maintainable code
  • You can write easily reviewable code
  • You can manage your own focus points and balance your work between hard problems and routine tasks
  • You are aware of “Thinking, Fast and Slow” and can leverage it to ease your work

Soft skills

  • You ask for help
  • You can breakdown a complex issue into smaller parts
  • You can structure a large todo and order parts by dependency
  • You have an eye for detail
  • You can manage your own weekly planning

Soft skills (bonus)

  • You see what is going on around you and help your colleagues
  • You can communicate technical matters both on a client-level and internally
  • You understand the need for a long term vision on maintenance and continuity
  • You see gaps and opportunities in the components and building blocks we already have

We are not looking for someone who already can do all these things. We are looking for someone who can do enough to be productive and is willing to learn some of the rest.

Working environment

  • We have an open and slightly horizontal structure
  • We aim to be flexible and supportive
  • We provide a safe and blameless development environment
  • We value your input, from day one, on all aspects of the job
  • We encourage continuous learning and provide materials and time for this
  • We do regular checkups to see how you’re doing

What we offer

We offer a full-time position in a creative environment where you can learn from and with your colleagues.

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You can also find us on Github or Instagram.

A view of our office, showing a few desks with computers on them.