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At Mr. Henry, we sail against the current of the wild web development seas.

Let aside the bad metaphors, we're working on our own way to build for the web. Instead of hopping on every new framework that pops up, we choose to take a step back and work on something stubborn & better.

Based on new, modern, and future-proof web standards, we're trying to build websites that work, everywhere, for everyone. For every Shiny New Thing™, we want to raise a thing that Just Works™.

If this tickles your curiosity, we'd like to talk to you. If you think we're 100% in the wrong, we'd still like to talk to you.

Who we are

Mr. Henry is an internet-bureau, graphic design firm, development lab, birthplace of concepts and ideas & creative cave... We love what we do! Mr. Henry is a small team, working on both little and big projects, be it on- or offline; but all with the same vigor!

Our 'clientèle' ranges from rockstars to architects, photographers to cities. Some of our clients include KOMONO, Eastpak, M HKA, Hugo & Marie, OkO, Vedett, Hi-ReS!, August, Sagmeister & Walsh, Us By Night, Kunstenpunt, YUST, our moms, city of Ghent/Antwerp/Hasselt, The Mill and Mr. Henry themself.

Some links for some behind-the-scene action: www - insta - fb - github

Some recent projects

Who you are

It would be nice if...

What's in it for you

Mr. Henry can offer you a friendly, flexible, horizontal and supportive work environment, with lots of first-hand professional experience. We encourage continuous learning and constructive feedback.

A chance to grow your skills, with a team of talented women and men, on an international scale. Getting experience from building large ànd small projects, used by many, many users online. Believe us, it's huge.

Sparkling rainbows and friendship will be yours for all eternity. If you think you're up for the job, send over some of your work & a little something about yourself. If we like what we see, we'd love to invite you for a chat.

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