Airclad X

Providing architectural quality spaces #fastarchitecture

AirClad X redefines the future of premium events & retail activations by providing architectural quality spaces. When Nick Crosbie, designer & founder, asked us to design and build the new, we knew what to do. This modular brand consists of many sub-brands, each with its own characteristics. We created a flexible system that facilitates creating many product sites within one global brand site.

Identity work by the great Davy Dooms.

Services include: analysis –  strategy – technology – wireframing – digital design – ui/ux

Transparant video, high-resolution photography and the ability to create as many pages as needed

Airclad manages the content in-house with its content- and design team. Rendering tailored and transparent 3D animations, so these can overlap with the typographic brand elements used to pin-point your exact position on the website.