When choosing becomes challenging

Displayed in museums or sold at high price points in art galleries, fine art can sometimes seem very inaccessible. Bernice has been aiming to change this perception since 2015 by renting or leasing out original contemporary art.

Simultaneously with Bernice’s growth, the previous colourful and dynamic website we made them was bursting at the seams. After seven years, Bernice is no longer a start-up and we decided together it was time for a more sophisticated and mature version.

Services include: site concept & architecture —  digital design  —  tone of voice  —  copywriting   —  technology  —  ux/ui

Making art more accessible

The strict underlying grid system, structured info and clear message all neatly unify the ideas of experience, maturity and a one-on-one personal approach. This maturity is underlined by Displaay’s sans serif Bagoss, and the restricted colour palette that makes the art take centre stage.

These same features also remain in the accessible dark mode of the website, which continues to receive our required attention.

Be inspired by more than 800 artworks

The extensive collection of inspiring artworks guarantees endless scrolling, clicking and discovering. And mostly pondering over which artworks would work well on our walls. When choosing becomes challenging, Bernice is there to guide you along.

Anik Eggermont, founder and director of Bernice

Anik Eggermont, founder and director of Bernice