Council of Fashion Designers of America dot com

Since late 2016, we have been honoured to work for CFDA in close collaboration with Hugo & Marie. Mr. Henry analysed, envisioned and built a tailored API that handles all business logic, transactions, payments and more.

Featuring an extensive account system, CFDA can now connect with their users and offer tailored content in an aesthetic, fit for the editorial platform that they provide.

The ongoing collaboration focusses on improving user flows, maintaining the platform and securing the CFDA’s global role in modern-day fashion.

The CFDA Fashion Calendar

The iconic pink pages of Ruth Finley’s Fashion Calendar are given new life in the reimagined Editorial content mixes with the calendar’s event platform, providing a central hub of information for both official NYFW schedules and the year-round schedule of fashion industry events.

An elaborate subscription program, user accounts, payments, custom settings, push notifications and smart filters make sure you’ll never miss an important fashion event again.