Hugo & Marie

A blazing fast visual treasure trove ✌️🤞

We were asked by our brothers & sisters at Hugo & Marie to develop their all-encompassing new digital presence slash archive. Hugo & Marie is an independent artist management firm and creative agency based in New York City. Their extensive oeuvre needs to be shown in the highest quality while loading seamlessly.

Creative direction & design by Hugo & Marie.

More than 4.000 assets, ranging from hi-res artwork to 1080p video. Just like *snap* that.

Mr. Henry went to work on this, keeping our technical philosophy close to heart. Fast & accessible to everyone plus entertaining to the eye applying a special method of page transitions.

A very specific Henry way of implementing an image CDN, caching layers and building site queries deliver long-lasting fast results. Because the content will continue to grow, this high-traffic site needs to be ready for sudden bursts of visitors.

And it is.