Koeken Troef!

Koeken Troef! is a production house best known for its very specific fiction series and humorist game shows. Some of Belgium’s most popular fictional characters originates from their think tank. We were delighted to help them find an original structure and digital design to accommodate their specific needs. Quirky but structured, fast and slow at the same time. Website is no longer online.

Services include: wireframes  —  design  —  animation  —  tone of voice  —  digital  —  technology

Side note: we had the honour of also creating the online presence of Woestijnvis & deMensen back in the day, two of Belgium’s biggest production houses to date.

We gave Koeken Troef! a way to build their pages using components. This approach blends a creative idea with a pragmatic need to create pages on the fly. This way, their content team can easily manage and release new productions, hidden pages etc.

A simple grid shows all productions and links to standalone pages. Grab and drag around this virtual plane to see triggering animations that all represent a certain show.

Each Koeken Troef production has its own characteristics and identity. We created a digital dimension where all their projects can come together in one visual language. Where whimsical imagery meets user experience.

Still from 'Quiz me quick'