LIFE is a digital trove of information, inspiration and in-between connections. Together with the client, Mr. Henry did a deep dive into all that LIFE is and does, which led to the concept of building a non-linear content website, linking items to each other by creating relations and context.

Services include: site concept & architecture —  digital design  —  tone of voice  —  copywriting  —  content creation  —  technology  —  ux/ui

The resulting interwoven context now acts as the digitized translation of LIFE’s brand values and ethos. The content can stand on its own, allowing LIFE to showcase both luxurious island housing as well as their innovative communal living realisations.


To enable creating all these different types of content, we designed and developed an extensive digital framework, reflecting the brand’s new aesthetic (created by Zware Jongens). This allows LIFE complete control over their pages, projects and stories. All components are tested thoroughly for usability, accessibility and performance to create new layouts without worries.

One such implementation is the brand blend. The blend is used to align photography with the brand, when it misses some pezaz. Try below!

henri matisse

Of course, the translation to all devices was done with meticulous care. Fun fact: right after launch of the website, iOS15 launched with the nav-bar in the bottom, making fixed elements behave differently.

Working with friends is fun. Brand identity by Zware Jongens. Landing video by KEEN. Project photography & renders by their respective creators (mentioned on