Turning the unknown into desire, turning desire into experience.

Discover the allure of the new erotics – pleasure at the altar of eros, devoted to touch, and nourished by beauty. It doesn’t get more tantalizing than this. Collaborating with the Nightfall team, we dedicated ourselves to the launch of a digital-first Belgian erotic brand entering a global billion-dollar market.

Nightfall offers much more than tools for pleasure. It is a sensual temple and playground, dedicated to curating new expressions of desire.

Services include: brand identity — brand strategy — brand deployment — design — art direction — tone of voice — copywriting — content strategy — communication — technology — analysis — ux/ui

Establishing a digital-first brand through sensory sensations

Launched exclusively online, a lot of emphasis went into creating sensory exploration through captivating visuals, enticing vocabulary and the context of irresistible urges. Every element is meticulously crafted, from interactive product hero sections on the website that showcase and elevate each toy to sensual community newsletters inviting you into the Nightfall universe.

At pop-up touch points, guests are invited to experience the toys firsthand within the immersive Nightfall ambience, enticing them to indulge in tactile exploration.

For, the spotlight belongs to our interactive 3D product heroes. Prioritizing the visitor’s curiosity, these models faithfully replicate the Nightfall real-world products, precisely capturing their refractive properties, volume, and shape. Take them for a spin below, explore the different toys and immerse yourself in the experience.

While crafting visuals for these products, we encountered the intricacies of social media regulations. Equipped with a thorough understanding of the platform’s policies, we embarked on creative research to strike the perfect balance between expression and appropriateness.

By applying subtle yet captivating visual effects, we strategically blurred certain elements in the content. This thoughtful curation ensures that Nightfall’s content is presented tastefully and respectfully, in alignment with Instagram’s guidelines.



Trapped within an intimate bubble, we discover the toys in a fantasy world. Reflective of our inner desires, we subtly paint cinematic scenes that tell the story. This approach was carefully chosen to ensure a tasteful presentation without becoming overly explicit.

Logo by Jelle Jespers, 3D animations by Wes Nijssen, interactive 3D by Bart Claessens, words by Aya Noël, photography by Jurgen Maelfaeyt, photography and video by Bjorn Tagemose.