When crafting sassy sodas or homemade beers, Pacca helps you make your beverages look extra tasty. As a startup, they are currently offering personalised bottle caps. In the (near) future they plan on creating an entire platform of customisable products, all related to drinks and designed to help small-scale brewers take their potions and concoctions to the next level.

Services include: brand name — brand identity  —  brand strategy  —  brand deployment  —  design  —  art direction  —  tone of voice  —  copywriting  —  content strategy  —  communication  —  technology  —  analysis  —  ux/ui

Projects, where the client involves you from the very start, are still a rare event. So we are always excited when asked to think about the whole package; name, visual identity, tone of voice and even brand positioning.

After landing on a name and a suitable branding, we’re currently exploring the potential of this playground ourselves by helping Pacca with its brand deployment and communication.

Drawing our inspiration from the colourful history of vintage bottle caps, we play with bold colours and contrast, with quirky language and playful incentives. These elements run like a continuous thread throughout the identity, linking online visuals such as the website and social media posts with the tactile elements of its offline branding.