Cultuurplatform Limburg

We wireframed, architected, designed and developed this spankin' brand new website for the province of Limburg.


"Cultuurplatform" is a cultural umbrella meant to bring together the various fragments within their organisation. The umbrella has 7 ribs (dance, design, film, jazz, classical, art and pop), all with different accents. Our job was to bring this together, bring a visual unity and to give all the disciplines enough ownage to do their thaang.


Highlight features are:


  • 1 to 7 website system, each existing as a separate subdomain
  • powerfull full-text search, within seconds you search all 7 websites
  • open API endpoint system towards external sources
  • blazing fast caching on dynamic elements
  • responsive layouts that makes a wolverine purr like a kitten


We want to thank the Cultuurplatform people for making it such a nice project to work on, and believing in us to make this work! 

client: Provincie Limburg

date: Apr 2013

visit: www.cultuurplatform.be, jazz.cultuurplatform.be, pop.cultuurplatform.be, film.cultuurplatform.be, ... the entire platform exists out of 7 websites!


visual identity set out by our amigos Uber & Kosher

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