Meet lalala, our backend system, with love and Rails.

When we first started, we quickly noticed we needed a solid, easy-to-use backend. Like so many other companies, we were on the lookout for just that. Eager as we are, we didn't find anything to suit our needs. Introducing Lalala to our first client was a success. The first (PHP) version was focussing on UX. Letting the client have some fun whilst filling in data. 


We made a major decision round about the end of 2006. The big switch from PHP towards Ruby On Rails. We had just experienced our last misty error, and decided there should be something better. Our backend had to follow of course and with new bronze, we set out to create an awesome piece of code.


For now, as this is a super ongoing something, we have just this page. Expect a nice onepager when we are ready for it.


We want to do it right. 

client: Mr. Henry

date: Apr 2007


This is clients only! If you want a looksie, become a client :)

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