An interactive touchtable made for browsing

Many months ago, yes this was one of those projects that lasted forever :), we were approached to build something for the new Tourism Office for the city of Ghent. To develop an open approach towards information sharing, with a keen eye on the visiting alien. Click the video, view on vimeo in HD.

Featuring a) a special application for the visually impaired, triggered on plugging in a hearing-aid b) open data format, they can re-use the information on all platforms known to man and c) a collect-and-print feature, that allows the tourists to map out there stay in Ghent.


All in html5/js baby!

client: Stad Gent

date: Apr 2012

visit: go here and see it live


Build completely in open html5, ready for any future plans the city might have. Interior by SAQ, hardware by CREATE. Sound on the video: "New Sun" by The Blackbox Revelation.

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