We are learning ourselves each day, that’s the nature of this fascinating world we’re glad to be active in. Therefore the Henry Student Placement program (abbreviated as ‘HESP’) is something we are careful with in taking in submissions. We want to give our full engagement as a creative house, but also as experienced people in navigating the intrinsic details of daily studio life.

Please note our following conditions and basics for each possible HESP;

  • we only take in consideration a minimum period of 6 months
  • you are proficient in the basics of the area you want to grow in
  • you are willing to relocate to Antwerp for the duration of the HESP
  • you like human beings and know how to communicate yourself
  • we have 1 place available at at time

Mr. Henry is proud to offer 2 paths; design & technology. Please note some specifics for each road.


  • you have an engaging portfolio showcasing your interests & skills
  • you can clearly outline your involvement in specific projects, ranging from concept creation to design
  • you have a broad interest in the field
  • you can communicate what you hope to achieve in this HESP


  • you can show us repositories of your coding methodology
  • you have various examples of technical implementations that you find interesting
  • you understand our general technical approach (read)
  • you can communicate what you hope to achieve in this HESP

The following contact information is available. Please reach out via mail, no phone calls.

Design HESP Marian Van de Weerd
Technology HESP Hans Spooren

Here’s a list of earlier strangers, now friends (in order of appearance) 👉

Gilles De Brock, Fred Bergman, Adrian Rizell, Geertrui Storms, Elie Sitbon.