The internet does not forget

We love the internet. We really do. In the grand scheme of things, she is a young beast. For more than a decade, we have been contributing to her ever expanding (yet fragile) grasp on information, entertainment and connectivity.

An idea…

Over those years, we have become very aware of our responsibility towards users and ourselves. We took up the idea that by building things the right way we would build better things. We shortened our feedback cycles to make sure every project stays on track while at the same time making it possible to pivot.

Bots and shared tools took over every possible part so that we could focus on the custom bits. Every project still is tailor-made but supported by a very solid base.

… goes a long way

We more clearly defined roles in our development team which made it possible for everyone to gain in-depth knowledge and become experts in their domain.

We made it safe and easy to experiment and iterate on those experiments. When these projects mature they are made available to all other projects.

Maintenance used to be a drain on the team and always ended with projects becoming too expensive to update. With a solid set of tests and bots we now run an evergreen stack. Every project runs the same versions of everything and is updated multiple times a day. Nobody gets left behind.

We want to build things that are truly special today and still have them around in another 10 years.


Team Henry

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