Open Source: update summer ’23

GitHub bulk sponsoring

GitHub added support for bulk sponsoring a few months ago and this has really helped us to support the projects we depend on. Thanks to this, we were able to switch from sponsoring a few select individuals on a monthly basis to sponsoring as many as possible.

This means that we now give a small amount ($1) for many, instead of a larger amount for just a few projects.

To make this process a bit easier still, we wrote some glue scripts and made these available to everyone as a template repository:

We are now sponsoring 114 organizations and maintainers through GitHub.

Stylelint plugins

A very large chunk of what we write is CSS and we love tools that help us with this. We recently created a few Stylelint plugins that might help you as well. These linters keep our CSS aligned for all our (new and older) projects, by applying a convention which took shape over the course of years.

Find our plugins on our GitHub:


core-web reached the v1.0.0 milestone a while back and we continue to update it regularly with the latest polyfills from The most recent addition is a polyfill for “HTMLFormElement.prototype.requestSubmit

Highlights from our dev team

Romain Menke was one of the Google Open Source Peer Bonus Program recipients for their work on CSSTools’ PostCSS Plugins and Packages. Hurrah! ✨

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