Introducing: core-web

Browsers are amazing. Code is amazing. Code in browsers is therefore very powerful stuff. We believe in an open and inclusive internet for everybody, where one can choose their own browser. While also recognising that not everyone has the privilege of access to modern devices with up to date browsers versions.

Support all the things

When writing code, we want to use modern web standards & browser features. However, as you can guess, not every browser is the same. The question therefore is, how far can you go in supporting features across a wide range of devices / browsers and how long can you do this?

Our solution is here

Over the span of a few years, gradually core-web came into being. Quoting from the website;

core-web is a set of tools to bundle polyfills together with your javascript code. Just define a set of browsers and automatically receive everything you need. Optimize for modern browsers without sacrificing support for older browsers.

What it does, in a nutshell

When an older browser needs some extra help, core-web bundles the right amount of polyfills without requiring developers to think about how it does this.

It helps developers create better experiences for you, the user, surfing the web in a browser of your choosing.

It allows us to create blazing fast websites while keeping the web accessible to all.

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