Backflash is an Antwerp based photo studio with a focus on high-quality asset creation. With more than 15 years of in-house experience, they capture it all. From product shots to fashion silhouettes, 360° video and CGI, Backflash knows how to make your assets work.

Services include: brand analysis —  brand identity  —  brand strategy  —  brand deployment  —  design  —  art direction  —  tone of voice  —  copywriting  —  content strategy  —  communication  —  technology  —  ux/ui

We built the branding concept around the split image rangefinder, an optical focusing aid found in analogue reflex cameras. When the image is out of focus, the two image halves appear split, but when in focus, the two semicircles line up perfectly.

Applying this principle to the logo incorporates their mission into the branding, where Backflash helps to put your assets into focus.

The website’s homepage is used as a canvas for the enormous variety in their work. Only when we throw everything into the mix do we get a picture of Backflash’s extensive and diverse range; from silhouettes for Dries Van Noten to pitch-perfect flat shots for Eastpak.

Capturing your content

As a part of the identity, we translated the studio’s architecture as well as the outlines of the viewfinder into a custom backdrop for items. For the website, we’ve built a custom configurator tool. This makes it easier for us to turn these geometric backgrounds into a variable canvas we can play around with. We added a copy of the configurator below, do try it out!

Image controls

Frame controls

Communicating the message on all channels

We deployed a social strategy focussing on the craftsmanship & amount of detail present in all Backflash’s work.