A sequestered place
enveloped by boundless space

Câlin can be found nestled in an unusually secluded and calm setting in the southeast of France. Offering uninterrupted vistas of sprawling vineyards, teeming woodland, and majestic mountains, this exclusive property in Provence embodies true peace and serenity from the moment you arrive.

Services include: brand analysis — brand identity — brand strategy — brand deployment — naming — design — art direction — tone of voice — copywriting — content strategy — communication — ux/ui

Exploration of time and space

Câlin embodies the embrace of space; the surrounding rural landscape envelops you entirely, a concept reflected in the elongated shapes of the typography and placement of diacritics.

The muted, earthy colour palette conveys a sense of familiarity with the environment, complemented by the vibrant energy of vivid yellow accents in the branding.

As guardians of quality and sensory engagement, we understand the significance of choosing materials that embody richness and attention to detail, resonating throughout the project. These materials visually captivate and invite touch, matching the unique atmosphere and purpose.

This same level of consideration extends to the online experience. The seamless interplay between stunning imagery and carefully curated typography brings the essence of this luxurious getaway to life.

For their communication we devised a system that allows for tactile yet discreet messaging. Focus is put on showcasing the surrounding flora and intricate detailing of the property.

Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals, Buro Bunito, Hans Spooren. Website development by Art Core Society.