Calvin Klein

Fall 2021 digital lookbook

Calvin Klein

A new way of internal communication & getting inspired

We were challenged by Calvin Klein and creative director Rizon Parein to create a micro experience that allows them to create seasonal lookbooks in a fresh, new and interactive way. For their Fall 2021 season, we’ve built an inspirational tool using HLS video technology with a pinch of Henry magic. Think video scrubbing with preview, dedicated audio track, bandwidth-dependent smart asset loading, 4K support and more. A team of visual artists was put together by Rizon, to cross-pollinate ideas, styles and approaches to the creative brief issued by Tim Coppens & Calvin Klein.

The results are seen in an invite-only experience that can be accessed from anywhere on any device, allowing CK designers to get inspired on the go, all over the world.

Services include: design  —  technology  —  analysis  —  ux/ui