Making help more accessible

CAW is one of Belgium’s largest first-line assistance organisations and offers support and guidance to people and communities in times of need, be it emotional, social, economical or everything in between.

What started as a question about renewing their online presence, evolved in a process that led them to rethink their whole communication approach, on- as well as offline.

To this day we help them articulate this vision, bringing client and audience closer together.

Services include:  analysis  –  strategy  –  design  –  writing  –  ui/ux  –  wireframing  –  technology  –  creative direction  –  communication

Strength in structure

The CAW website acts primarily as an online self-help tool. We centralised all their knowledge, spread out over 11 regional offices and help them guiding people through this vast pool of information using region-based tagging of content.

As a result, we keep optimising the workload of employees and volunteers so they can focus more on the job at hand, helping people get help.

Hero illustration by Brecht Evens.