Made from imagination


Providing padding for Eastpak’s digital backpack

From street-smart evergreen backpacks and shoulder bags to ingenious luggage and travel items, Eastpak is a familiar face in retail.

Their Europe headquarters located in Belgium steers over 30 countries in marketing & communication about the straps on your shoulder. Since 2012, we collaborated with them on several projects, ranging from printed catalogues to digital campaigns and technical advise.

Services include: digital strategy  –  creative direction  –  design  –  technology  –  print artwork  –  offline design  –  tone of voice

Eastpak Artist Studio raises awareness through collaborations

Eastpak teamed up with a selection of 12 famous fashion designers to create one of a kind backpacks to raise much-needed awareness and funds for the charity organisation Designers Against AIDS.

As the designers started from a blank canvas, so did we. We drew, constructed and tweaked an online showroom to display these unique works of art. On December 1st, World AIDS Day, these 12 backpacks went on sale in an online auction through this website.

Moving backpacks by Strictua.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Eastpak showcased 75 inspirational women from 10 cities across the globe in the Eastpak She Wears campaign. Female bloggers, journalists and photographers were asked to join on a tour to have a little meet ’n greet with these super-women.

Mr. Henry provided an online platform to display & celebrate the strength, courage, vision, and entrepreneurship of these truly remarkable individuals. No longer online.

Eastpak She Wears is about inspiring women, everywhere