The new neighbourhood restaurant

Eppo, inspired by the Latin word Epulo meaning “feast,” embodies the essence of how every meal out should feel. Right? As a welcoming neighbourhood restaurant, eppo strives to deliver a feast to your table every time you visit. We ensured that their no-nonsense approach was perfectly reflected in both the name and the visually engaging branding.

Services include: brand analysis — brand identity — brand strategy — brand deployment — naming — design — art direction — tone of voice — copywriting — content strategy — communication — ux/ui

The inspiration for their seasonal menu is translated into tactile and vibrating illustrations by Anne Brugni, adding a certain richness and playfulness to the brand.

The charming, textural, quirky shapes used as a backdrop perfectly translate what to expect on eppo’s plates.

The punchy colours, dynamic typography and layouts make eppo feel contemporary but relaxed, a restaurant to revisit time and time again.

Photos by Mr. Henry, eppo, Niccola van den Heuvel & Tijs Vervecken. Illustrations by Anne Brugni.