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Solitair has been shaping the future of horticulture for over 35 years, both figuratively and literally. Choosing the perfect tree or shrub can transform a landscape, by adding contrast, making a statement, or simply enhancing its natural beauty.

With our help, Solitair’s digital presence now mirrors the invisible passion and dedication one experiences when visiting this family-run tree nursery.

Identity by our friends at Keen.

Services include: brand positioning — site concept & architecture — ux/ui — digital design — tone of voice — copywriting — technology

Capturing nature’s exquisite beauty with precision

Inspired by their publication Metamorphosis, we enabled Solitair to create impeccable layouts through the use of our proven component-based framework. Their extensive collection of high-resolution assets serves as the cornerstone for this visual online catalogue, eliminating the need for compromise.

In addition to our standard performance development, we implemented a specialized algorithm that better handles the complex compression of foliage in the bulk of their photography. This ensures swift user experiences while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Topiary madness

Solitair caters to a diverse global clientele. This infamous tree nursery excels with its exceptional offer and a personal, human approach. Following a comprehensive strategy session, we’ve identified key focal points that will guide our future communication efforts.

Additionally, by infusing subtle details into their online layouts, we seamlessly intertwine the digital realm with the tangible onsite experience, ensuring a harmonious fusion of both worlds.

At the heart of our strategy lies a proven and sophisticated approach: the utilization of a component system, which brings forth a multitude of advantages. This results in consistent and very high Lighthouse metrics; an automated tool to enhance web page quality. It audits for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and more.

Solitair lighthouse results

The website serves as a gateway and reflection of Solitair’s vision, inviting visitors to explore the wonders of their nursery and connect with nature at their fingertips. After all, there’s only so much a screen can do. Plan your visit today to fully immerse yourself in the Solitair experience.

Assorted photography by Chloë Cools, Bart Kiggen, Kobe Van Looveren and Miete Van Dijck.