Expertise centre for visual arts, performance arts & classical music


Dedicated to the permanent development and renewal of the Flemish arts field

Think of Kunstenpunt as a (gentle) hydra, where multiple qualities are represented by the many heads it possesses.

On a daily basis, Kunstenpunt collects information about and for art and music professionals, while bringing them together around expertise and experiences. They monitor the Flemish art field and conduct research about current themes. They also provide tailor-made knowledge and expertise for the Flemish government and individuals in the field, therefore encouraging and supporting exchange and cooperation on an international scale.

All this collected data and our long-term collaboration resulted in another closely linked project, Arts database.

Services include:  brand analysis —  brand identity  —  brand strategy  —  brand deployment  —  design –  technology  –  wireframing  –  digital design  –  ui/ux

Rethinking and restructuring the future of art

What once started in 2016 as a straightforward informative website, needed after a merger of 3 organisations, grew into a too-tight suit, bursting at the seams. This required a considerable revision of the site’s structure to coincide with its expansion.

Our research culminated in the creation of a dynamic system, in which elements can easily be combined to build pages and connections between all levels of information, thus providing the much-needed flexibility Kunstenpunt required.

Making use of a sophisticated colour palette and modern, well-considered typography, we designed the platform with a slightly more editorial feel, while maintaining its desired neutrality.

Cover photo by Mirjam Devriendt