Big data, human curiosity, and a tension between playfulness and functionality.

Lab101 is the moniker of Kris Meeusen. He works wonders with live art installations, large scale touch devices and handling user data on the spot. We branded his company many a year ago, and were more than happy when he asked us to bring it to the next level.

The online translation of what Lab101 excels in, can be found in small details, such as the mobile cursor line, smart asset loading and triggering media on user actions.

Services include: brand identity  –  digital strategy  –  content strategy  –  design  –  tone of voice  –  copywriting  –  technology  –  analysis

The mobile version translates all the elements that make the desktop so attuned for Lab101’s area of expertise. The mobile limitations, where hover states don’t really exist, are embraced with an ingenious system that uses the crosshair cursor.