Maison Osaïn

Maison Osaïn embodies more than just architectural structures; it encapsulates a philosophy — a commitment to crafting healthy and sustainable homes that prioritize the well-being of their inhabitants and the environment they inhabit.

Services include: brand identity  —  brand strategy  —  brand deployment  —  design  —  collateral design  —  art direction  —  tone of voice  —  content strategy  —  communication  —  technology  —  analysis  —  ux/ui

Cultivating homes with purpose and renewal

Maison Osaïn stands for sincere living. Each material, detail, and element is thoughtfully curated to foster a sense of comfort within the home.

In our strategic analysis, this approach led us to define every aspect as purposeful and intentional. Meticulous attention is poured into selecting and crafting each material, ensuring that our values are apparent online and offline at first glance. To achieve this, we’ve developed an elegant framework of templates employing harmonious colours and typography.

Immersive cinematic photography

A striking yet minimal design transports you into the Maison Osaïn universe from behind your screen. The website has ample room for cinema-like photography, making the projects and products speak for themselves. The brand’s values and ethos have been translated into bespoke components, guaranteeing smooth playback and a fast user experience.

Going beyond the home

Within the brand’s philosophy, Maison Osaïn has developed a series of carefully created pieces. Thoughtful material selections converge in items ranging from dinnerware and wardrobe linens to candles and a fragrance line. We preserved the spirit of the identity throughout the customisation of these items and their branded packaging.

Currently, these products are not available for purchase. Maison Osaïn utilizes them to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere.

Mr. Henry continues to collaborate with the brand on art direction and design, from digital to print collateral.

Photos and movies by Tijs Vervecken, KEEN and Shari Ruzzi.