Homes with unique stories

At Otherhomes, the pursuit of the extraordinary is the guiding principle. With a discerning eye for the rare and the remarkable, this distinctive real estate agency based in Hamburg, Germany curates a collection of homes that embody a sense of inspiration and creativity. Each property in its portfolio is carefully selected, not merely for its opulence or grandeur, but for its ability to evoke a sense of wonder, awe, and connection with the past.

Services include: brand analysis — brand identity — brand strategy — brand deployment — design — art direction — tone of voice — copywriting — content strategy — communication

Every building has a story

When synthesising the brand positioning, it became clear that the main actors are the properties themselves. All branding materials are therefore carefully developed to transfer the uniqueness of these homes.

Buildings that stand out because of architectural details, their use of space and light or their historical richness. These beautiful details come through in the use of typography, colours, and in the variety and combination of materials across brochures, stationary, calling cards etc. 

Reaching the intended audience by changing the pace

The beauty of everyday life lies in its subtle intricacies, often overlooked in the midst of our routines. Otherhomes curates events and architectural tours spanning Hamburg and beyond, transcending the boundaries of your familiar surroundings. Their distinctive approach lies in discovering and sharing these nuanced details, setting Otherhomes apart from its competitors.

In an industry characterized by swift decision-making, Otherhomes stands out with its hyper-personalized, unhurried service. They excel at helping you discover what you never knew you needed, precisely at the opportune moment.

If only walls could talk…

The social media communication strategy persists in placing the spotlight on the properties themselves. Each building boasts a rich tapestry of stories, previous owners, and historical significance. By prioritizing content creation and storytelling, the Otherhomes feed strives to unveil the essence of each property, going beyond what meets the eye.

Otherhomes Hamburg is just the starting point. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the growth of this dynamic organization as it evolves into a well-established presence throughout Germany.