How do you want to be remembered?

Reimagining funeral care

Everyone is unique, including your funeral.

Sereni is seeking to differentiate itself from its competitors and to stimulate professionalism in a sector still predominantly rooted in traditional values and beliefs.

Besides creating positive experiences in stressful circumstances, Sereni also acts as an informative resource beforehand and afterwards, sharing their experience and knowledge in a highly personalised and individual way.

Our rebranding treatment for Sereni reflects the company’s vision, where we strike a balance between what’s reliable and timeless with what’s inspiring and contemporary.

Services include: brand identity — brand strategy — brand deployment — design — art direction — tone of voice — copywriting — content strategy — communication — technology — analysis — ux/ui

Establishing continuity

Because Sereni consists of a large existing network of funeral planners, it was essential not to destabilize their pre-existing identifiability and be a disruptive factor for their customers in challenging and confusing times.

We avoided a complete overhaul by using their current logo within an updated graphic framework.

By using elegant typography, different colours and an implication of layers; we introduced a sense of distinction, experience and restraint. This graphical treatment is accompanied by a friendly but direct tone-of-voice, resulting in a perfect balance between straightforward professionalism and personal warmth.

Sincerity through a screen

The process of losing someone is always hard. For those left behind, a lot of choices need to be made in a short amount of time. Sereni stands on the forefront of providing online solutions for answering those difficult questions.

The platform consists of a public facing website, an easy to use condole section with flower shop & their webapp ‘My Sereni’. All business logic in the platform was developed by Pencil42.

The internet as an open & safe space for everyone

As Sereni is a major and public-facing entity, we felt it was our duty to go all the way on accessibility, or A11Y for the cool kids. From detailed and correct aria-implementation to a highly accessible navigational structure, is built for a perfect lighthouse audit.

This is an important part of our longterm philosophy for an open and inclusive internet.