The Addresses

An exploration of hospitality and privacy in the south of Portugal.

Founded on the concept of sharing, the Addresses aims for enriching, memorable experiences, combining elements of travel, hospitality, cuisine, art and culture. The Addresses wants to share their love for Portugal with likeminded friends and guests, letting you swap your busy schedule for silence, nature and inspiration while staying in their beautiful secluded getaways.

Services include: brand analysis —  brand identity  —  brand strategy  —  brand deployment  —  design  —  art direction  —  tone of voice  —  copywriting  —  content strategy  —  communication  —  technology  —  ux/ui

The Addresses are places you’ll want to visit so often, it becomes a second home. We were challenged with the task of translating this homely vibe to a visual identity that resonated with wandering spirits.

The identity we developed evokes a warm, down to earth vibe, without any pretensions. This is reflected in the colour scheme, tone-of-voice and seamless translation to off- and online materials.

The Addresses launched in 2021 with 5 guesthouses hidden across the Algarve, and with even more properties still under construction. Every home has its characteristics, that allow you as a visitor to submerge in the local fauna and flora. Each area comes with curated tips for discovery, relaxation and more.

The brand we created exudes tranquillity, a sense of wonder and takes you dreaming across the entire south of Portugal.

Everyone knows that a picture paints a thousand words, but since we can’t show every little detail, we also put our pens to paper and teasingly paired all photographic material with a range of descriptions, facts and other dreamlike content to fill the website.

We also translated this balanced communication to all other channels, both off- and online. From the upcoming magazine to the house booklet, socials and website, it all remains cohesive.

We took our love for accessibility up another notch with this brand & booking website. Fully responsive, progressive enhanced and made accessible to the brim.

Get familiar with the houses, explore the area and then book the best week of your year. De nada!

Photography on this page by Francisco Nogueira, Buro Bonito, Hans Spooren. Monogram animation by Daniel Goyvaert.

Enjoy your stay!