Belgian beer brand. Extra digital, extra online 🎨

A visual and eclectic online presence for a fresh and sparkling brand. Vedett is one of Belgium’s finest beer brands, with an attitude that engages people and surprises all. Since 2014, we’ve been building their digital home on the web.

The new was launched September 2020 and focusses on merging colourful aesthetic, frisky short copy with fun animations and small details.

Services include: analysis  —  tone of voice —  design —  ux/ui —  technology —  various campaign deploys

Vedett communicates in 5 major areas across the globe. The website can be managed separately by region and allows for tailored content. Because it promotes an alcoholic beverage, the age gate and privacy consent have been developed in-depth.

We believe in an honest and open experience for site visitors, and make it super easy to accept or decline targeted marketing. Your data and privacy are yours.

The right amount of bright, crazy, in-your-face and GDPR compliant pages 💛

The whole site can be build and customised with various colour-schemes, graphical stickers and animations. All while respecting a11y and web-standards 💪

Upload & create your own Vedett labels

The notorious Vedett labels have been around since forever. We’ve created a system that allows everybody across the world to order their own labels, that personalises their equally famous bottle. Our flow allows users to upload up to 24 high-res assets, generates print PDF’s like lightning with millimetre precision and process payments.

After an order is successful, we hook into an API provided by the dedicated printing service. Print-orders are automatically created, printed, processed and shipped to the users.

Our previous version of this system ran from 2015 to 2020 and processed around 25.000 orders.

Can you find all the small hidden things?