Us by Night

Party in the front, business in the back

Challenging the status quo surrounding creative gatherings. Together.

Since 2015, we are actively part of the amazing organisation that is Us by Night. Together with a dedicated group of people, we have been fundamentally changing the perception of modern-day creative events. We build on community, sharing, surprise and getting inspired.

Biggest shout out ever to the curator, creative director and loving friend Rizon Parein. It is his vision being brought to life. Visual identity by the great Ines Cox.

Services include:  strategy  –  digital design  –  copywriting  – communication  –  social  –  ui/ux  –  technology  –  wireframing  –  creative direction  –  producing

Three day design and creativity festival, curated for the hungry

Party in the front…

We designed and developed a tailored digital platform that allows us to both capture the Us by Night visual breath as well as convey the right tone of voice, every time. UBN reaches creative people from all over the world, from aspiring students to experienced professionals.

The UBN framework is used in a myriad of ways: spontaneous, direct, fun, energetic and (crystal) clear.

…business in the back

To manage all speaker applications, we have built a custom made information system that allows artists to upload high-resolution assets, as well as travel info, keynote specific asks and more.

All applications can be handled automatically by the system to a certain degree, leaving enough space for the human touch. This helps us as an organisation to streamline and put our collective focus on creating the best festival possible.

From the heart. Communicating in oversaturated times.

Mr. Henry has been on the forefront of growing the social channels year after year. Focussing on communicating a clear message, Us by Night captivates inspiration, dreams and simply having a good time. This unique voice is refreshing in its sincerity.

Currently, the instagram has the ear of 13K+ organically gathered creatives, generating around 600.000 impressions due festival time.

Every edition since 2016 has been one-of-a-kind. Enjoy memory lane with some highlights. This archive can also be found online.

Photography by Rizon Parein, Daniil Lavrovski, Hans Spooren. Video by VOLK.