We Are Outsiders

Inspire exploration and create connectivity through hiking

We Are Outsiders is about local experiences, close by, but yet far away from everyday life. Its core mission is to get people walking and exploring one of the most beautiful hiking scenes in Belgium; the High Fens. And what better way to do this than with like-minded people, sharing tasty food, drinks, music and vibes around the crackling campfire?

Since its founding in 2016, WAO has seen an increased interest in nature, feeling the need to expand, as what once started as a passion, transformed rapidly into a growing business. By first putting their unwritten philosophy into words, we created a cornerstone on which we could build an entirely new brand universe, with enough building blocks for the hopefully more green future ahead.

Services include: brand identity — brand strategy — brand deployment — design — content strategy – tone of voice — copywriting — communication – analysis

Engaging and educating an audience by using a graphical and colourful language

Going on an adventure with WAO is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience, even when the weather conditions aren’t bright and sunny. The playfulness and amiable atmosphere of the walks/experiences are also infused in the visual identity by playing with contrasts.

By using bold typography and finely detailed text, loud colours and muted natural tones, but also material textures and small playful illustrations, we make their laid-back, but engaging and passionate, approach visible.

Photography by LucidLucid, Ruimtevaarders & Mr. Henry