Do touch the artwork

M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, is a cultural icon in Belgium and beyond. With an extensive collection, research department and exhibition schedule, this is a big house. Together with M HKA, we rethought their whole information structure, and poured it into a new online approach.


The website is information. packed. exclamation! More than just a calendar of exhibitions, this is also a showcase of the research projects & entire artwork inventory. For the first time easy accessible for every visitor, by utilising their database platform Ensembles.org.  


Muhka.be now acts as the online equivalent of the physical building. Open, straightforward and with tons of information to discover, letting the art take center stage. In the coming months, our collaboration will continue in order to introduce new features for the user, and to facilitate the internal working methods.


Go check the current exhibitons for your daily dose of art!  

client: M HKA

date: Sep 2016

visit: muhka.be