OLT Rivierenhof

The longest summer festival you've ever heard of

OLT Rivierenhof

An open-air venue located deep in one of the nicest parks in Antwerp, Belgium.

OLT Rivierenhof is truly a unique sight to behold. While nature sets the scene and everything basks in the late summer sunsets, music fills the amphitheater throughout the whole summer. The birds you get for free.

OLT Rivierenhof is a project by Arenberg, in which they unite nature and music and connect it to a broad audience with a diverse, but solid lineup. We rebranded their identity in 2016 and have been continuously working on every material needed.

Services include:  brand identity  –  design  –  art direction  –  tone of voice

Enhancing inclusiveness was the main focus of the branding process. From five-year-old children to those in their 80s, from lovers of classical music to the gothiest human out there, music lovers of all ages and styles will find something to enjoy. We used elements from nature in the patterns, and applied the colour tones of the 3 main parts of the day (bright, dusk, night) to facilitate communication.

Every summer, we relaunch OLT’s blended line-up, unique location & warm vibes using colours and patterns.

Being the longest summer festival in Belgium, it spans a total of three months; June to August. More than 40 concerts, ranging from rock, roots, blues, folk, pop and hip hop, are enjoyed in the magical surrounding of the amphitheater.

Early 2020, Arenberg launched OLTCLUB. Spanning the first and last months of the year, these intimate club concerts invert the open-air stade, and centralises the event in a tent on stage… Magical!

Here comes the night

Launched in 2020, OLTCLUB is a subbrand in the OLT family. In the first dark months of the year, the iconic stage is transformed into an intimate club scene. Bringing together the known and the unknown, the line-up features young and promising talent.

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Photography & video on page by Senne van der Ven, Lichtwaas, Noiz Video, KEEN and project related artists. Logo animations by Daniel Goyvaert.