Behind the scene; creating the brand august

Late 2018, Mr. Henry was asked to join a conversation that involved creating an identity for a former Augustinian cloister becoming a hotel, bar, restaurant and wellness. After an initial exploration, we were beyond ecstatic. See the final project here. Read on for some behind the scenes.

First feet on site

We walked through every room, nook and cranny. Seeing the visual richness of the past, the chapel torn down and original wooden ceilings. Truly a hidden gem in Antwerp!

Finding the right balance

Everything was being restored very meticulously by Vincent Van Duysen’s team, respecting the heritage and legacy of the surroundings. Materials aren’t chosen at random, choices are made that echo the history and all this without losing touch with a modern aesthetic and comfort. Our task was clear: support and strengthen this clear direction with an identity that allows to be hidden in plain sight.

Way-finding painted by hand

When we are asked to make a proposal for way-finding, we immediately were clear on the importance of the technique used. Mr. Henry set out to measure everything according to a logic & ratio around the entire domain.

Meet Hans, a sign painter that paints everything by hand. The extremely small signage required a custom approach of transfer. This level of detail isn’t noticed right away by the guests, but works on a subconscious level.

Shout out to SeƱor Color for an amazing job!

The devil is in the details

Early April, august was gearing up for opening night. Mr. Henry helped with final printing materials, putting up the final way-finding instructions and overall advise where applicable.

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