Moving heaven and earth... uhr office

In the beginning

It was a great place, and boy, if those walls could speak! Birthday parties, barbecue in the summertime, late-night-coding-sessions, ... and of course some kick-ass working! ^^


Our wolfpack started with 2 lone wolfs, around 2006. We were looking for some interesting wolves to add to our pack. We found them and our little love-nest got too small after a while. So on the 1st of March 2010, we officially moved from our trusty beacon in the south of Antwerp, to a really nice place, located more in the heart of Antwerp. Here are some images of us packing up our stuff.

old henry hq 1old henry hq 2old henry hq 3

The move

The new place is still getting the final works done by us, so here are some random impressions and some feet on our new floor (we simply LOVE our floor, it’s the best!!).

new henry hq 1new henry hq 2new henry hq 3new henry hq 4

The party

Moving means celebrating! So we did, you can check those pictures out on our flickr-page. We made a nice little slow-motion booth to boot! It was great fun, and we also made a quick edit. Hope you spot yourself!

The invitation

For the party, we also made an invitation, how else are you going to let people know? So yeah, here it is, there are some folding-it-open pictures on flickr, and also a making-of... We had a lot of fun folding every little confetti-bomb ^^

The conclusion

To end this post, we just want to say that we are really happy in the new office! Mr. Henry hopes to see you soon, for work or coffee! ^^ 

This article was written on Mar 22, 2010 (it was drizzling a bit outside). It describes the steps we went through when moving to our new office, from invite to party.


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