Proudly releasing phase 2 of the Flanders Classics platform

For more info on how this project got started, please read our Phase 1 blog post. 

Main focus

After 2 successful years with steady websites handling crazy traffic peaks, slightly updating existing functionalities and working towards getting the information across, we finally got the time to work on the bigger picture.


Their focus broadened from PRO races (the classic, big, international ones) to CYCLO races and JOURNEY incentives. It's evolving from a peak period (JAN-APR) towards a more spread-out period of time (JAN-DEC). This reflects directly in our relationship as we are delivering more and more sites for Flanders Classics, 26 atm (!). 


Our initial approach is still paying off, because we're easily adding more sites to the whole platform. Our deploy-scripts and CI-server help us in this. We've recently decided to have a separate styling-client, with all stylesheets and javascripts, because they are being used all over the platform. This way, we don't have to deploy 26 separate instances (52 if you count staging environments) every time a small thing has to be updated.


We propose new ideas on a regular basis. Our technical insights complement their love for the game. So last year we launched the Flanders Classics (m)app, which has been integrated as the new track previewer.


Here's the lowdown:


PRO The famous races, where people from all over the world come to watch.
CYCLO Each race has an amateur edition, where people from all over the world come to ride.
JOURNEY Special formulae on which people from all over the world can subscribe and join. (coming soon)



We provided a registration form, which can be completely managed by Flanders Classics. They build their season, add cyclo races and open the registration. This all while looking hot and sporty. 

Check out the registration form more in detail in our work section!

Some numbers


This article was written on Mar 10, 2014 (Surprisingly pleasant for the time of the year). After many years of Flanders Classics phase 1, how and what was needed for a succesful phase 2? Following the clients desire to grow and turning it into a reality.


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