How to send a list of questions to your clients and not piss them off

Ever since we started working for HETPALEIS in 2013 to improve their digital experiences on the web, they've been part of our happy campers club. They are super nice people, and are constantly working on improving their overall presence and adherence to possible audiences.

Something specific

This year we enhanced this experience by creating an online questionaire/application, which they can send to a selected mailing list.
Each season, a selected list of people can vote on their favourite production, actor, producer, ... The registered votes are sent to the backend, and a result-set is generated. When there's a new voting round, HETPALEIS can add a new season, and create new questions and answers.  The combo of this is a jummy looking (a.k.a. branded) cross-platform application.


They received a 84% response rate, and had zero (also know as zilch) effort to calculate the results. Everything happens on the fly.

What what whaaat?  

We advised on best approach, tone of voice, general UI and future thinking (how to get the most out of this app?). Designed and development chez Henry.


Animated rundown of the questionaire


  • productivity
  • internal knowledge
  • fun
  • brand awareness
  • communication towards fan base


Some technical details

Here are some specs to show off at the bar

  • made in Angular
  • custom API that handles the response object created by the app
  • the backend generates an automatic resultset
  • option to create new questionaires on the spot
  • fully tracked with GA 
  • ...



Want more details? Be sure to ask us


This article was written on Jun 25, 2015 (a nice agreeable temp out there). A small introduction into custom application creation (start to finish)


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