Edition III, creativity festival Us by Night does it again!

When planets align, magic happens. The 2018 edition of Us by Night was a tremendous one. More than 70 international artists, sold out 5 weeks in advance, 2000 guests visiting from over 30 countries. We have been part since the beginning to help funnel all the team’s energy into the tangible; words, visuals, digital. But you can read more on that here.

Once you walk in, you get zapped right into it. The lights, the crowd, literally every nook of the room is filled with visual stimuli. Some team highlights were the crazy animations skills of Nikita Diakur, the Wes Anderson-esque behind-the-scenes shown by Curt Enderle, Jonas Lindstroem‘s intens eye for detail, David Uzochukwu‘s story about quick fame and the song & dance by Jim Stoten. There’s more, but it would be silly to name everything!

In short; great atmosphere, people, food, drinks, talks, … UBN has it all ✨ (we know, we know, we’re a bit biased, but it’s the god’s honest truth)

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